Why record calls?

Every time someone in your organisation answers the phone or makes a call, they represent your company.

Imagine you're able to log and record every bit of your company's interaction with your customers. It's not just for cases of litigation, but ensures that your high standards of service can be monitored and information is presented accurately. Therefore you can gain vital intelligence about how your customers are treated when they interact with your company's people


Under the revised MiFID II you need to record all conversations that are intended to lead to a transaction or trade, even if they ultimately don’t.

PCI DSS applies to all entities involved in payment card processing—including merchants, processors, financial institutions, and service providers, as well as all other entities that store, process, or transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data.

The prevention, detection and deterrence of market abuse is a key priority for the FSA. Good quality recordings of voice conversations and of electronic communications assist firms and the FSA in the detection of inappropriate behaviour, and in its investigation and punishment.

Call Obfuscation (PCI-DSS)
GDPR Compliance
FSA Compliance

Your staff are vital assets

Staff are often the most valuable resource in any organisation, yet they're often let loose to say whatever they like to your customers with no checks in place to monitor how effectively they are communicating your business's messages.

Moreover, your best staff can be passed over simply because their abilities are not recognised. But by periodically spot-checking how your people interact with your customers on the phone, you'll be in possession of a business intelligence tool that'll not only alert you to the need for additional training for some staff, but also allow you to recognise and retain those staff members that are going unnoticed!

Don't become detached

The higher up in the organisation you are, the less day-to-day interaction you will have with the people at the coal face, so it's essential that you can monitor those staff who provide the voice of your company. The clean web interface on TIM allows you to drill up and down the hierarchy of your organisation, listening to any call at any time from any member of staff.

Because of the advanced interface, several different levels of user access are allowed e.g. department managers can be restricted to listening only to calls made by members of their own teams.

All of this results in well trained, focused staff, happier customers and real accountability for anything said on behalf of your organisation!

Plenty of business benefits

There are many benefits to having call recording in a business environment. Here are just a few examples:

Lead by example

Instead of telling staff how you want calls handled, play an example of a call that was handled well. Additionally, allow staff to listen to their own calls so they can hear for themselves when they are failing to deliver clear, concise information.

Resolve disputes simply and easily

Retrieve the recording to prove what was actually said or not said!

Clarify misunderstandings

Play back a call to clarify any misunderstanding that may have arisen or to simply retrieve the phone number/order details/post code you scribbled down wrong the first time you took the call!

Guard against abuse

Protect your staff from abusive or threatening behaviour by informing all callers that calls will be recorded.

Create a knowledge base

By storing and allowing employees access to important or informative calls, new employees will find this particularly useful.

Make training easy and fun

Pick the good calls and show people how easy it is to do the job well. Perform 'mock' calls and show them what you mean by a bad call.

Raise standards

When staff know their calls are being recorded, they are unlikely to provide a sloppy or offhand service, this means happier clients.

Understand your business

It's impossible when running a business to be aware of what is said and done at every level in your organisation. By recording calls, you can perform simple spot checks at any time to hear for yourself exactly what your customers are experiencing on a daily basis.