Call logging & analytics

What is call logging?

Every time a phone call is made to or from your organization, a tiny log containing information about the call is produced by your telephone system.

Each log contains - at a minimum - the date and time each call started, its duration and the phone number it came from and to.

Call logging is the collection and interpretation of these logs and the subsequent statistical presentation and reporting of them.

Trust the experts

The call logging data differs wildly from one phone system to another and no two systems use the same method of collection, so interpreting them can be considered a science in itself.

Happily, with our wealth of experience covering over 200 types of phone systems, both on-premise and in the cloud, we hide this complexity.

So whatever the size or shape of your phone system topology, your calls are presented in a universal, accessible way.

All inclusive

With our products, all features are included as standard and our pricing model is simple.

We only care about the total number of users you need to log, no matter how large or varied your phone system infrastructure is.

So, whether your orgnization is based in one physical location or across a thousand, just count the total number of users you have and that determines the price you pay.


Our products are suitable for every type and size of organisation, ranging from those with a handful of people, right up to global infrastructures encompassing thousands of users across multiple territories.

You and your colleagues get secure access to this valuable information, the amount being decided by you.

And you can access it all from any modern web browser on any device, with no need for any special client software.

Call recording

How does it work?

We capture the voice content of any type of phone call using Echo then blend it with the corresponding metadata in your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise call logger.


Thanks to our pioneering, industry-leading matching technique, wherever you see an itemised call in your call logger you can now listen to it, too!

Easy listening

With no client software needed, you access your recordings through the existing web browser interface, so the choice of playback software is yours.


Using our fully-open API, you can integrate voice recordings into your own business systems using industry-standard tools and languages.

Our software

TIM Plus ®

Call analytics for up to 400 users across up to 5 sites with an easy-to-use interface

TIM Enterprise ®

Call analytics for an unlimited number of users across any number of sites with advanced features


Call recording add-on for both VoIP and ISDN that integrates seamlessly with our TIM products