USB devices

Our Echo USB Voice Recording devices provide powerful features for building small to medium channel count portable Digital Voice Recorders. Each model features a USB 2.0 compatible high throughput interface and combines a compact form factor with very low power consumption resulting in unmatched reliability.

USB Magic Box

On-board DSPs and large streaming buffers impose very little demand on system and application resources.

D-channel signalling supports Call Setup, Connect, Clear, DDI number and CLI number decoding.

It also supports all major ISDN variants, Q.SIG, DASS-2, DPNSS and various PBX Digital handset D-channel protocols. This means that simultaneous recording on all channels of both upstream and downstream sides of a conversation is possible.

Features & benefits

  • USB 2.0 interface, USB powered
  • Non intrusive and undetectable high impedance passive monitoring
  • Dialled number and Caller ID signalling support
  • Models for PRI-ISDN, BRI-ISDN / S0 bus, Digital handsets and Analog handset / trunk lines
  • Digital Signal Processors for voice streaming and on-board D-channel protocol processing
  • Fractional and 30 channel PRI-ISDN / E1 models
  • Supports 64kbit/s A-law and high quality compressed 36kbit/s speech encoding
  • Analog models support DTMF, FSK Caller ID, AGC and speech detection
  • Digital models support all major D-channel signalling protocols and highly accurate DigitalVox start/stop trigerring for non-protocol applications
  • 1, 2, 4 and 8 channel Analog, Digital handset and S0 bus models
  • CE, FCC and RoHS compliance
  • Supports Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012


Standard analogue line (POTS), basic rate (BRI) and primary rate (PRI) ISDN inputs are available, via the back panel which uses an RJ45 socket and a USB port.


SIZE: L 155mm x W 100mm x H 20mm. WEIGHT: 260g

Power requirements

The hardware device is connected to the host server by way of a high-speed USB2.0 cable from the rear of the unit.