Top Calls

Quickly identify your top calls. Top calls are defined as the highest in terms of cost or duration.

This is useful for identifying telephone abuse; you can instantly see who's making the most expensive types of call, such as those to premium-rate services. You can also identify who's spending longest on the phone.

Example output

Top Calls Report


This report saves hours of trawling through phone bills trying to identify the numbers that are used a lot. These may be numbers that cost a lot to call, or they may be numbers where the call duration is excessively high.

Only by identifying these calls, can you determine if the calls are reasonable and indeed necessary. When accessed over the web, either as a result of a user logging in to the system remotely, or having received an email containing a portion of the report, each destination and dialled number is shown as a hyper-link which, in effect, runs another report containing the required information.

To drill-down and get a more detailed breakdown of calls for any day, simply click on the hyperlink.


To limit the results, simply set a limit in the maximum results field. You can also determine how you would like to order results e.g. by cost, dialled numbers, duration, response time etc.

In order to report on a particular extension group, the report's parameters can be preset to begin on this extension group, rather than a full summary of the whole organisation. This is especially the case when a user with restricted access rights wishes to run the report.

You may also limit the report to specific dates and times.