You can have as many display boards as you want. Unlimited display boards are included as a standard feature.
The display boards are fully customisable. There are some standard templates supplied to allow you to create a board quickly. Even these can be edited and customised to suit your exact needs.
Yes, simply select 'hide' on the eye alongside that column. Tick again to display when you finish the campaign to reveal hidden columns again.
Yes, this can be displayed as a tile in an existing display board or as a separate display board.
Yes, you can show stats for any number of teams. You are only restricted by the amount of information and the size of your screen.
Yes, all display boards are fully configurable and can be designed to show only information relevant to that department/group/user.
The display boards have the ability to take a live RSS feed and display this information immediately on your display boards. You can also embed entire web pages, or external documents using a web panel. You can populate these with any information you want.
Unlimited display boards are included in the standard price. You simply help yourself to new display boards anytime you want!
Yes this is possible in TIM Enterprise. In the 'Stats collector, select the 'Exclusions' tab, then add the numbers you would like to exclude.