Target Response

This report allows you to define your own target response times and quickly assess how your organisation, your departments and even individual users meet these pre-determined target.

Default targets of 5, 10 and 15 seconds are supplied as standard, but this can be changed in seconds to suit your particular requirements.

This report is ideal for finding out not only which sites or departments have problems answering calls, but also in allowing you to drill-down and see which individuals are actually the worst performers.

Example output

This first report shows all sites in the UK:

Target Response - Group level

This screen shows the results of drilling-down into calls for the Accounts Payable team and re-ordering by name in alphabetical order:

Target Response - User level


This report is perfect for finding out which teams and or people are performing below par. The ability to drill-down to actual call level also allows you to see if below average performances can be justified by high call volumes.


Choose to exclude weekend calls, which can affect your averages. You can also exclude calls under 'x' seconds.

Your desired threshold can be set to any value you like, you simply need to define a comma separated list. If no thresholds are defined then the default 5,10,15 thresholds are used.