Inbound Call Performance

This report shows how quickly your inbound call traffic is being answered compared to pre-defined answer time thresholds.

You can compare data by year, month, day or hour, and a visual indication is shown of how many calls were answered inside each threshold, alongside tabular data.

Example output

Inbound Call Performance Report


Identify how well your calls are being answered. Compare answer times from one year to another or see if you're improving month-by-month or week-by-week.

You can also see whether your rate of missed calls is improving.

Clickable hyperlinks allow you to easily drill-down into the results for more information.

Inbound Call Performance Report - Drill-down


Choose to exclude weekend calls, which can affect your averages. You can also exclude transferred calls. You may even want to exclude users who haven't any call data.

Your desired threshold can be set to any value you like, you simply need to define a comma-separated list. If no thresholds are defined then the default 5,10,15 thresholds are used.