Frequent Numbers

This report shows a top-ranking list of the most frequent calls you make and receive. You can use this information to pick up abuse and to assist in your decision-making about how to call common destinations, for example, by installing private links between branch offices. The information can also assist you when negotiating call rates with your network provider(s).

Partial telephone numbers can be specified so as to narrow your search down to very specific information, e.g. London numbers only.

Example output

Frequent Numbers Report


This report is ideal for allowing you to identify numbers that are called most often by any site, group, user or extension. At site level it might be used to help identify other sites where a private link might be viable. At extension level, it may be helpful in identifying abuse.

When accessed over the web, either as a result of a user logging in to the system remotely, or having received an email containing a portion of the report, each destination and dialled number is shown as a hyper-link which, in effect, runs another report containing the required information.

To drill-down and get a more detailed breakdown of calls for any day, simply click on the hyperlink.


To limit the results, you may set a minimum frequency. You can identify particular numbers that you would like to report on, whether that be incoming or outgoing calls.

You may decide on which criteria you would like to sort data by and you can also determine how results are grouped.

Filters can be applied to limit the report to specific dates and times.