Call Geography

Includes graphical pie charts by volume, duration and cost, along with a table containing complete information about where, geographically, you're making your calls to.

Calls are classified by their tariff band, e.g. local, national, mobile, international, etc.

Quickly enables you to see which calls are costing you the most, and taking up the most call time.

Example output

Call Geography Report


This report analyses calls by volume, duration and cost clearly indicating the volume of calls for each segment. When running as a web report, you can easily drill-down further to see which group or even user is making which calls. All headers are clickable, so you can reorder data on-the fly.

Identifying carrier selection has never been easier - you select the type of call you're interested in and match them against either an individual direct trunk, or even Least-Cost-Routed (LCR) calls by entering the prefix into the report parameters.

The report is site selectable, to cater for your different carriers at each of your sites, if applicable.

The report can be run on an ad-hoc basis or scheduled to run automatically at pre-determined times. You can run to web, PDF, Excel, CSV or XML. When running as a web reports, note that all headers are fully clickable and results can be reordered on-the-fly! You can also drill-down for more details by clicking on any of the hyperlinks contained within the report.


You have the option to report on calls for all sites, groups or even specific users. You can restrict the report to a specific site or specific dates and times.

You may choose to report only on specific call types e.g. inbound, outbound calls.

Filters can be applied to report only on calls to specific destinations, LCR codes, trunk access codes or dialled numbers. You can even choose to exclude certain calls e.g. weekend calls or calls below a minimum duration.