Tariff updates

The tariffs in your call logging software are vital in correctly forecasting your call costs.

If they are not kept up-to-date, there will be discrepancies between your call report costs and the charges you pay to your network provider.

With a valid support contract, our software automatically downloads updates to the standard tariffs of the main network providers in over 200 countries.

Tariff Editor

Manual tariff administration

Without a support contract, you must update your tariffs manually. The on-line documentation for your product will show you how.

You can keep your tariffs updated manually in three ways:

Method Procedure
Self edit Each product allows you to administer all dial codes, charge bands and rates
Bespoke tariffs You can pay us to make your tariff tables for you
Tariff subscription You can pay us an annual fee to keep on top of your custom tariffs. The cost and update frequency depends on the information you provide to us

Our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise products can download and keep up-to-date tariffs from over 200 countries

Remote access

If you'd like us to access your computer remotely, run one of the programs above directly from the link, then give us the unique ID and password that is randomly generated for you.

No installation is required.