Hardware failures

In the event of hardware failure, we'll help you get your system back up and running – free of charge – if you're covered by a valid support contract.

If you're out of support, you'll need to pay our Helpdesk team their daily engineering rate to assist with the rebuild/re-installation.

Software licenses are always re-issued free of charge, but where the fate of the original license cannot be reasonably determined, there may be a delay in the issuing of a replacement license whilst we determine its validity.

We can only re-issue a license based on the original version that was purchased, unless you have maintenance cover, in which case an upgrade will also be provided free of charge.


Our software licenses are linked to the hardware of the machine on which they reside.

Changing your hardware will require a new license, which is free if you have a valid support contract.

You can buy an optional USB dongle to link the license to, should you plan to move/re-install your installation at a later date without maintenance cover.

Migrating to new hardware

We've created a simple, step-by-step guide in the on-line documentation to guide you through moving your software to a new machine.

The steps required to obtain a software license for your new installation depends on whether you have a valid support contract or not:

Support contract

We will have the product key stored for all maintained sites.

We may need remote access to decommission the old license before we can issue a replacement

You have the option to book engineering time to assist with the migration. This service is not covered under the standard support contract. The charge will be determined by when the migration takes place e.g. Mon-Fri 9-5, 5-7, 7-10 pm.

No support contract

You'll need to provide us with the following items in order to verify that your license is valid:

Product Required items
TIM Plus, TIM Enterprise The product key of the initial license
TIM Professional The product key of the initial license and the license key

We may need remote access to decommission the old license before we can issue a replacement

You will also need to have a copy of the software as we do not retain old versions.

We always recommend that unsupported clients purchase a USB dongle to tie the license to, instead of the machine hardware, to prevent losing the software license.

Remote access

If you'd like us to access your computer remotely, run one of the programs above directly from the link, then give us the unique ID and password that is randomly generated for you.

No installation is required.