1 x TIM Plus 300 license will easily allow you to log all four sites. You do not need to purchase additional site licenses as TIM Plus allows you to log up to five sites/PBXs in a single central license. We will need to look at what network infrastructure you have in place to identify the best way to transfer call data from the remote sites to the main site for processing.

TIM Plus 200 would be best. A single TIM Plus 200 license will allow you to log up to 200 extensions across up to 5 sites.

You will be able to allocate different log-in's for the managers of each site and can also allocate separate login's for the individual team managers on each site. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users accessing the system.

As well as having the ability to schedule e-mail reports to anyone, you can also set up display boards at any point to show up-to-the-second stats. e.g. head office may want a display board showing response times to calls at all 4 sites or the sales manager my want a display board showing call stats for all sales teams. Note that these display boards can be viewed from any site using a standard web browser (password protected).

You could use 4 x TIM Professional licenses but the centralised TIM Plus is more cost-effective, feature-rich and would be our recommended option.!!!!!!!

TIM Plus would need three sites in this case: two UCME sites and a third Microsoft Teams (with a Teams Cloud Connector subscription). However, your Teams users would be logged separately from your other sites, so you would get user duplication. If this is a problem, you'd nee to use our TIM Enterprise product which can automatically merge calls into the same user.