Display board panels

All display boards are completely customisable and can comprise of one or more panels. Users can define which panel type, its size and layout as well as the font sizes, colours and refresh rates.

You can drag easily panels around the screen and reorganise the layout in seconds. You can even import external data via a live feed.

You have additional options that make your display boards even more customisable e.g. You can temporarily hide columns. This would be ideal if you were running a telesales campaign one afternoon and only wanted to show outgoing calls.

Below you can see all the panel types you can have in your display boards.

Label panel

Label panels allow you to put meaningful labels on your Display Boards. Label panels can also contain logos, pictures or even the date and time.

Leaderboard panel

Leaderboard panels allow you to order and display results for any site or team. Results can positioned in either ascending or descending order based on any of the columns displayed.

Summary panel

Summary panels allow you to display key information clearly and concisely. As with all panels, the background colour, text, font size etc are completely customisable.

RSS panel

Provide your teams with up to the second information on any subject by adding the relevant RSS feed.

Web panel

You can include web panels if you'd like to incorporate a standard web page into your Display Board.