Add a little call logging magic to your 3CX

01 August 2023

Tri-Line has introduced a new CXD Connector tool which solves the problem of getting sufficiently-good call logging information from the CDR output that the 3CX natively provides.

One of the most often-reported problems with the native 3CX call logging data is that details of previous legs of call transfers are lost, so you can't work out which queue or user took a call originally, if the call was transferred.

The new CXD Connector tool solves this and other issues by creating its own call records using a live event stream created by connecting directly to the 3CX Phone Server.

Using the new tool, users can unlock all of the comprehensive call reports, live display boards, and queue information, without ever signing in to a settings page of your 3CX!

The tool comes in both Windows and Linux flavours and can connect to your 3CX without installing any software on your 3CX server.

The CXD Connector tool is available - free of charge - with all of our call logging products, from today.

The CXD Connector tool can connect to all 3CX instances under your control - no matter where in the world they are hosted - but can't connect to those hosted by 3CX Ltd. themselves.

We've put together a little page about how it works

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