Browser plug-in for masking credit card numbers in phone calls

08 March 2018

Tri-Line have published, free of charge, their new Echo Obfuscator browser plug-in for Google Chrome which automatically masks out sensitive parts of phone calls when specific websites/URLs are accessed.

When the plug-in detects that a specific URL is visited, call obfuscation commences; when the user leaves the URL, obfuscation stops.

Whilst it can also be used in custom applications, the plug-in is primarily intended for masking out the card particulars when card payment gateway sites are accessed.

This offers a simple, effective solution for organisations that need to comply with PCI-DSS and other regulatory standards.

To use the plug-in, you just need to own a licensed, up-to-date copy of TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise that includes the Echo call recording system.

Echo is the universal call recorder for SIP, SCCP and ISDN for the TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call logging products.

The Echo Obfuscator plug-in is available now in the Chrome Web Store

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