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The customer

South East Water became the UK's second largest water company as a result of the merger between South East Water and Mid Kent Water in December 2007. The organisation now covers eight principal sites and 55 water stations and supplies more than 565 million litres of drinking water each day to more than 860,000 customers.

The requirement

"A key factor to the regulatory approval of the merger between South East Water and Mid Kent Water was that we could achieve significant efficiencies which could be passed on to our customers. We're using telecoms to power this efficiency drive by rolling out the advanced digital network and moving to an IP infrastructure for our call centre.", said Jamie King, IT Services Project Manager, South East Water.

King also states, "All voice and data traffic has now been consolidated into a single advanced digital network. We have rolled out a Cisco solution across all sites to replace legacy PBXs across all sites.

I had used Tri-Line's call logging solution at Mid-Kent to log a number of legacy switches and was very aware of their forward-looking approach. We were using an alternative supplier at South East and I was keen to see what both would offer in terms of an integrated solution across all sites."

The solution

"Tri-Line's TIM Enterprise was designed with new technology in mind and the upgrade to Cisco unleashed a host of new features that we were able to embrace."

"We did take the opportunity to look at alternative call loggers at the same time as sourcing our Cisco, however we found that the object-based directory available on TIM Enterprise to be unique. Although it sounds like a reltively minor feature, it allows us complete flexibility in how we set up and maintain our directory and it was possible to mimic our own set-up completely. It was also incredibly easy to administer as we phased users over from old legacy switches to the new Cisco switch. This would not have been possible to the same extent with any other product we looked at.

We initially chose Tri-Line's TIM Enterprise call logging solution for several reasons, not least of which was the willingness of the team at Tri-Line to listen to our requirements and incorporate our feedback into their development process. We were even more impressed once we extended it across a much larger network, when the power of their enterprise solution really comes into its own".

"As part of the roll-out, South East Water is also bringing its contact centre back in-house and it was vital that we could get accurate up-to-the-minute stats on these."

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