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The customer

Motability Operations is a not-for-profit public company that runs the Motability Car Scheme.  Motability Operations is the largest fleet operator in the UK and the biggest supplier of used cars to the trade. It's owned by the five clearing banks: Barclays, HBOS, Lloyds TSB, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As operators of the Motability Car Scheme, activities are regulated and overseen by the charity Motability. It has an annual turnover of approximately £990 million and assets worth about £2.5 billion.  All surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of Motability customers.The number of cars purchased each year accounts by Motability accounts for no less than six per cent of all the new cars sold in the UK.

Motability have offices in both London and Bristol. Motability Operations has been delighted to receive numerous awards in recent years recognising both the company's focus on customer service and its organisational culture.

The primary requirement

Motability Operations have over 4,500 dealers across the country, numerous professional partnerships and in the region of 400,000 concurrent customers. Managing call traffic in an organisation like this is vital - not just in terms of managing costs, but also to ensure that we provide adequate service levels to all of our incoming callers.

Motability initially installed Tri-Line's TIM Professional call logger back in 2004. The primary reasons for installing a call logger were as follows:

Cost analysis: As a not-for-profit public company, Motability are very budget conscious and aware of the need to both manage and report on all spending, including all costs associated with telecommunications. This includes maximising line utilisation and monitoring and accounting for call spend.

Service: Motability's focus on excellent service and support meant monitoring and analysing how well calls are answered particularly by frontline departments including customer services, manufacturer relations, dealer relations and operations.

The solution

Like most organisations, we looked around the marketplace at several solutions before finally settling on TIM from Tri-Line.

Firstly, we liked the fact that we could download a trial version and use it with our live data before having to make any comittment to the product.

This allowed us to not only determine if it met with our cost-saving and improved-service objectives, but also allowed us to see how well it functioned in a real-world environment. We found it simple and easy to use and it web-based reprting option meant we could easily analyse our calls without having to wade through reams of paper.

As service excellence is at the heart of Motability Operations - we wanted to ensure that the product chosen would actively assist us in improving service levels across out telecommunications structure. We are happy to say that Tri-Line's TIM provides us with a complete understanding and control of all our telephony use.

Service and support

As an organisation, we aim to deliver service the way we ourselves would like to be served. Tri-Line's service meets all our expectations. If we call their support desk, we get through to a live person who knows and understands their products and can provide answers without having to transfer us around the organisation. We never have to leave messages on voicemail or wait hours for calls to be returned.

We are kept updated on the product range and have just recently upgraded to their latest TIM Enterprise product.

The benefits

Our telephone system is a vital part of our organisation; Tri-Line's call logger allows us to know what is happening so that we can make calculated key management decisions to ensure that our internal telephony requirements are met while ensuring that we provide the best possible service to our partners and clients. Another bonus is the traffic information provided which allows us to allocate our human resources most effectively.

We get an overview or call traffic across both our sites and can easily drill-down right to individual call level when we need to investigate anything in more detail.

The future

We are kept updated on the product range and have just recently upgraded to Tri-Line's latest TIM Enterprise product which provides a number of additional features, such as live wallboards, meaning that up to the second information can be displayed or even fed to our other web applications.

We can rely on Tri-Line to keep the product updated and apace with current technologies. We can also relax, secure in the knowledge that our very reasonably priced maintenance contract ensures we get all updated without having to fork out for new features as they come along.

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