Get proper call statistics from your 3CX

Struggling with the limited call data you get from your 3CX?
Missing crucial information such as call transfers?

By using the unique connector that's included in our TIM products, you get fully comprehensive call reports and live display boards out of the box, without having to configure anything on your 3CX!

Comprehensive call reporting

Get dozens of interactive call reports to identify calling patterns and optimize your business processes.

Run reports on-demand through your browser or have them sent to your inbox at regular intervals.

Every report has hundreds of options and, if that's not enough, you have full control over the scripting code that creates them.

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Live wallboards with user status

Unlock a comprehensive range of live display board features with the 'Live Events' add-on for our TIM products.

With this add-on, you'll get real-time call statistics tiles on your wallboards, including live queue counts and agent status, so you can dynamically manage your call handling teams.

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Connect your cloud services

You can connect accounts from other cloud platforms, hosted telephony services and even legacy PBXs, for full call reporting visibility in a single, combined system.

Our subscription service includes one free cloud connector of your choice.

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You can buy one of our TIM products as a one-time purchase or as a monthly or annual software subscription.

You get a free a copy of the CXD Connector with any TIM purchase.

See each product page for pricing.

How it works

First, install a copy of our CXD Connector tool and follow the installation wizard to link it to your 3CX. There are both Windows and Linux versions of the CXD Connector available.

In your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise product, instead of connecting to your 3CX Phone System, point it to the CXD Connector instead; CXD Connector acts as a broker between your 3CX Phone System and your TIM product.

CXD can be installed either on the Windows server running TIM or on your actual 3CX Server (Linux or Windows), as shown in the following scenarios:-

Scenario 1

Nothing to install on your 3CX

CXD Connector runs on the same Windows server as TIM. When installing the CXD Connector, it will prompt you for the account details of a privileged user on your 3CX server in order to set up everything automatically.

Scenario 2

Install on your 3CX Server

If you've got root access to your own 3CX Server, you can install the CXD Connector on the same machine using our simple, downloadable bash script.

This way, there are no passwords to configure and the CXD Connector is always running whenever your 3CX is, so you'll never miss a single call.